Direct100 is a software to send messages, allowing campaigns and other marketing actions using SMS. Find out more about this online software designed for marketing professionals, that does not charge activation fees nor has any minimum monthly payments.
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Direct100 is available on a pre-paid basis. It doesn't have any activation costs or monthly fees, nor contracts with minimum period of time. You only pay for the sent you send. The final cost depends on the destination country and channel used.


339 SMS
5.9 cent.


1738 SMS
5.8 cent.


4460 SMS
5.6 cent.


9416 SMS
5.3 cent.
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For campaigns above 500€, please contact us. We have special prices and conditions for you!

Note: It is possible to send SMS to almost every country in the world: to discover our prices just sign up for free and read our values.

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About Us

Direct100 is a software owned by Atlas Azul, created for SMS Marketing, that offers competitive prices and guarantees privacy.

Atlas Azul has been created by a group of telecom veterans and private investors that have been working for a long time in the telecommunication field. Thanks to a prepared and dynamic team the company offers, through Direct100, innovative and quality services.